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Top 8 iOS Application Development Companies In the USA

Updated: May 10

Ever since the rise of smartphones, mobile app development has emerged as one of the most profitable and promising industries. Today, businesses are looking to invest in mobile applications to build stronger connections with their target audience. Whether it’s Google Play Store or Apple App Store, hundreds of developers are uploading their mobile applications to meet their customer demands. The majority of smartphone users in the USA own an iPhone due to its simplicity and quality, which gives rise to the need for iOS application development.

At present, the App Store contains nearly 1.5 million applications. Apple retains a rigorous App Store submission process, so users get high-quality mobile applications. So, businesses who are looking to invest in an iOS application need to take special consideration towards quality. This article contains a complete list of the top iOS application development companies in the USA to help you find the best fit for your business. So, without further ado, let’s check them out.

Top 8 iOS Application Development Companies In the USA

When you are looking for an iOS development company, it is important that you work with someone who recognizes your vision and implements it from conception to deployment. Experience in launching iPhone apps and familiarity with Apple Human Interface guidelines is a good start; however, you also need a good knowledge of UI/UX and an understanding of the programming languages. The companies on our list tick all of these boxes. So, let’s check them out one by one to help you, partner, up with a reliable iOS development agency according to your needs.

1- IIInigence

The first name on our list is IIInigence, a name you can trust to digitalize your business. Here at IIInigence, we digitize businesses with our iOS app development services to help unlock the potential of small businesses into enterprises of tomorrow. Our expert team of developers works hard to develop iOS applications that are well above industry standards. We understand that developing an iOS app is not merely about creating a mobile application and releasing it on the App Store.

Therefore, we follow a rigorous process that requires proper planning, research, skills, and a clear focus to develop the most practical custom iOS apps. Plus, we always study the business model and keep the requirements of the business and end-users while developing our applications. This allows us to develop the best iOS apps that bring real-time value to your business and your customers.

2- Digital Scientists

At Digital Scientists, the motto is to change the way people perceive product design and development. They have been in iOS app development for a considerable amount of time and are now a certified Google Cloud Partner. They take up projects of all magnitudes and extend their services to companies of all sizes. This gives them a visible competitive edge within the market. They can help you realize your vision from the start till the end, helping you design, build, test, and launch your app. Their developers, designers, and PMs work in collaboration, and that gives their work that extra edge.

3- Utility

Utility specializes in creating custom iOS mobile applications for businesses of all sizes. Their clients range from startup ventures to fortune 500 brands. The company was established by digital pioneers from companies like McCann Erikson, Major League Baseball, etc. The utility has top-tier software engineers, user experience designers, and digital product strategists who work hand in hand, making it a one-stop shop for anyone interested in getting their app started.

Apple has a strict submission process and only accepts applications that meet their requirements for design, user privacy, and security. For this reason, Utility keeps Apple Human Interface guidelines in strict check prior to developing any iOS application.

4- Cubix

Cubix is one of the leading pioneers of iOS application development. The company offers software development of apps, games, and enterprises. They have an excellent team of designers and developers that integrate out-of-the-box complex enterprise-level solutions to build a perfect mobile application for your business. They have experience working with companies of all levels, so they understand the complexity when it comes to scalability.

5- Mobcoder

At Mobcoder, the goal is to strive towards excellence in development and invention, be it mobile, web, or anything digital. Their unconventional development practices empower them to give their best in advanced technologies, including mobile apps, e-commerce, web, AR, IoT, cross-platform apps, and more. However, their strongest suit is mobile application development. Their designers, project managers, developers, testers, and business strategists are their assets who translate the latest technologies into value for their customers and help companies achieve their highest potential.

They have not been in the market for too long; but, during their short tenure, they have made a lasting impression as a professional mobile app development company. They have developed apps for verticals like finance, music, food, social network, health care, navigation, and more. Till now, they have worked for around 160+ corporate clients, entrepreneurs, startups with the design, development, and deployment of their products. Their focus is always on maximizing value and customer base for businesses through mobile applications.

6- Swenson He

Swenson He is a team of professionals that engineer and design mobile applications. Their services include product guidance, ongoing support, and technical strategy implementation for enterprises and startups. They put user experience at the heart of what they do, and that helps them achieve superior results and client satisfaction. Their motto is that mobile technology should enhance the lives of people in meaningful ways.

For this reason, they place special emphasis on user research prior to designing a mobile application. Their team of developers makes sure to comply with Apple Human Interface Guidelines to make sure your customers receive the best experience and provide the best value to your business. Their award-winning technology solutions landed them a position as one of the top-rated firms in the tech solutions world.

7- 3-Sided Cube

3-Sided Cube is a mobile application development company with a flair for Tech For Good. Their digital solutions are life-saving along with life-changing, working against causes like plastic pollution, global deforestation, and the impact of natural disasters through their work. Their team keeps their clients in line throughout the process, including the initial research, analysis and, requirement gathering phase.

They are well known not only for their work in the digital world but also outside this circle for their collaborations with organizations including the LUSH, ASPCA, Accenture, Nordstrom, Global Forrest watch, American Red Cross. They received recognition for their work as the ‘Most Innovative Agency’ at the agency awards and ‘Agency of the Year’ at the app awards. With around 17 million global downloads and community reach in over 90 countries, their design and code are changing the WORLD.

8- Zibtek

Another leading name in iOS app development is Zibtek, led by industry technology veterans who have first-hand experience building and exiting many companies. Their approach is to create a minimal and simple mobile application that stays in line with Apple Human Interface guidelines but also possess its uniqueness and brand identity. They have an excellent team of designers and developers that build out-of-the-box and creative applications with neat code. They can handle complex and large-scale projects with their agile methodology. With a staff of over 250 and 3 global locations, they serve clients around the world.

Why IIInigence Is the Best iOS App Development Company in the USA?

When you are searching through the internet to find the perfect iOS app development company for your business, here are a few factors that you need to take into strict consideration:

  • Good knowledge of tools, such as Xcode

  • Familiarity with Apple Human Interface guidelines

  • Understanding of human behavior and UI/UX design

  • Domain knowledge and expertise

  • Development Approach

  • Budget and Communication

Finding a company that ticks all the boxes is the real struggle. However, to save you time and energy, let us introduce you to the best iOS application development company in the USA, IIInigence. Apart from checking all the boxes from our checklist, IIInigence has an excellent team of designers and developers that are devoted to bringing value to your business and customers.

Here at IIInigence, our client-centric approach, professionalism, and expertise have earned us a reputation in the world of iPhone application development. We have partnered with clients from all over the world, including tech startups to enterprise giants. You can check out our website and have a look at our testimonials to understand the value we offer. Our work speaks for itself!

Final Words

Mobile application development brings a new range of opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and customer base. With so many iOS app development companies available in the market, it is hard to find the best one for your business. So, to ease your decision-making process, we have compiled this list containing the best iOS app development companies in the USA that can help you build the perfect mobile application. If you are still struggling to make the decision, you can always book a free consultation session with our iOS app development experts to see how we can help you achieve your goals.