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The Impact Of Website Speed & Site Performance - Does It Really Matter?

Remember how internet surfing was a few years ago? Websites took ages to open, social media sites took a couple of minutes to refresh, and online web games froze terribly, which is just a fraction of what we used to face daily. Today, technology has played a significant role in transforming a website's load speed and site performance.

Before the boom of digitalization, people didn't bother waiting for their favorite site. However, the tables have turned now; if an internet surfer or site visitor has to wait even a couple of more seconds, Boom! There goes a potential lead landing onto a competitor's fast-loading website.

With the advent of digital media, changes in technology have severely affected customer behavior. People have become impatient with a decreased attention span. BBC states that nearly half of the people won't wait for even three seconds for the webpage to load completely. This clearly shows the need and importance of a fast website. In this article, we are going to discuss what website speed actually is and why site performance matters in 2021. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

What is Website Speed or Site Performance?

Before understanding the concept of website speed or performance, we must learn about Page Speed first. Basically, as the word itself suggests, page speed is the page loading time of any specific page. It is the time that any particular page of a particular webpage uses to load the full content of that webpage. The time from clicking on the link till the complete display of contents on your browser screen is measured in seconds to calculate page load time.

Now that you've got the hang of Page Speed, let's take a step further and understand Website Speed. As you know, a website usually has more than 1 web page. Since we are talking about website speed, we should consider all the web pages in it, right? So, site speed is basically the average load time of several web pages on the whole website. For instance, if you have 3 web pages on your site having a page load speed of 2, 3, and 4 seconds respectively, your Site Speed will be 3 seconds.

Site speed and performance are crucial aspects of a website, and companies spend tons of money and resources making their websites as fast as possible. The truth behind this is that website speed has a substantial impact on the search engine rankings of your website. There can be several reasons for a slow or lagging web speed, which are:

· Poor Website Design.

· Excessive use of plugins.

· A high number of ads.

· Poor Webhosting server and much more.

Why Website Speed Matters & Why Site Speed Optimization is Necessary?

Technology has revolutionized the world around us, including the site performance of websites. Today, people expect much more from companies and their websites. This trend has drastically decreased a users' attention span. People are now in a hurry, and they don't like to wait for the page to load. In fact, a recent report suggests that a delay of 1 second in page load time can decrease customer satisfaction by 16%.

Firefox witnessed an increase of 15.4% in their downloads when Mozilla increased the page load speed just by 2.2 seconds. We can easily understand the importance of site performance and its actual value for companies. Next time you visit any site, calculate how much time you waited for it to load but for now, let's discuss why exactly site speed is so important?

1. Improve User Experience by Increasing Site Speed and Performance:

Just imagine that you went to a restaurant with a shabby ambiance and slow service. Even with the most sumptuous cuisines, will you stay there to eat food? The answer for most people will be: No! This applies to the online world as well. Your website is the front door for all your offerings. In other words, the pages on your website are the menu card for your organization. These web pages showcase the goods and services that you have for your potential customer’s appetite.

To make your potential customers choose between your product and services, they have to stick to the website. If your potential customers are satisfied with the page speed, site performance, and design, they will stay on your site for an extended time. The longer your users stay on your website, the higher the chances of pushing them through the sales funnel.

2. Increase Page Views

Remarkable site performance will attract customers to visit more pages on your website. Many websites rely on page views for their revenue structure. A slow webpage means that customer is unlikely to visit the website and tolerate the trouble of sifting through the webpages again. It is reported that 46% of the users don't revisit a poor-performing website. This can result in a significant loss of revenue for the company.

That’s not all. Poor site performance is a double-edged sword. It not only decreases your page views but also hurts your webpage's ranking on the search engine. This means that people won't find you quickly and organically on the internet. As a result, you'll have to spend more money on paid ads. It indeed becomes a lose-lose situation.

3. Increase Conversions

You cannot help but notice the impact of site performance on the overall conversion rate. For instance, Walmart saw a 2% increase in the conversion rate of its website visitors just by improving the page load speed by 1 second. Marketing teams spend tons of money to bring visitors to your website each year, but if they are not satisfied with your site performance, they will become disappointed.

A website with high code latency issues ruins the Brand image of a company for even its most loyal customer. This results in a low conversion rate, ultimately affecting revenues. Super-efficient and fast-loading websites are a sure way of sticking potential customers to your website and boosting conversion rates.

4. Lower Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is also a critical KPI and the yardstick to monitor the performance of any website. To simply understand it, bounce rate is the ratio that tells you how many visitors left your website by just visiting a single page. You can imagine that if a customer is searching for a product that is available at your online store, but the page is taking too long to load, what would they do? They will simply close your website with a click and look for that exact product on your competitors' websites. So, if you want to decrease your website's bounce rate, you should make site speed and site performance an immediate priority.

5. Increase Session Duration

There are many ways to crack code for search engine algorithm. One simple aspect is that the more time visitors spend on your website, the higher your search engine ranking. To make a visitor stay and explore your website, it is crucial to have a low page load time. Websites such as eCommerce stores are highly dependent on their visitors' time on their websites as it increases the chance of them purchasing the product and a higher conversion ratio. The more time a visitor will spend on your website, the more revenue you will generate.

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Final Thoughts

To wrap it all up, website speed is crucial for business growth in this technologically advanced world. A latent website can quickly kill your business, while a fast website can increase your customer base by many folds. A website with quick page load time can improve user experience, increase page views, increase conversion ratio, lower the visitor bounce rate, and increase the visit time on your webpage.

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