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What Is Staffing Automation, What Are Its Benefits, And What's Its future?

With AI and Machine Learning at the forefront of recent technological developments, automation is becoming more and more feasible. In the last couple of decades, a number of industries have embraced technology to automate various business operations. Now, the staffing industry is undergoing the automation revolution as well.

In today’s article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at staffing automation. We will talk about what staffing automation actually is, what its benefits are, and how staffing automation will shape up in the coming future. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

What Is Staffing Automation?

Let’s start by developing a better understanding of the term “staffing automation”. The term “staffing automation” often produces a negative reaction from people in the staffing industry. It’s because, for a long time now, we’ve been correlating “automation” with the idea that robots and computers will end up taking our jobs from us. However, that’s not the case.

Automation means using technology to minimize redundant activities from a business process. If we take a look at how businesses have been evolving in the past couple of decades, we can spot a lot of examples of automation. In some industries, automation has reduced the number of available jobs. However, in other industries, automation has made our jobs easier. Fortunately, the staffing industry lies in the latter category.

Staffing automation involves using technology to reduce the number of redundant tasks (such as sifting through hundreds of resumes for one vacancy) in the hiring and recruitment process. The staffing industry requires real human interaction, something that automation cannot replace. This is why people in the staffing industry shouldn’t worry about their job security. In fact, industries such as staffing will find more value in human resources in the coming future.

Benefits Of Staffing Automation:

Staffing automation has a number of benefits, from making the recruitment process more efficient to better chances of hiring the right resource for the right job. People in the staffing industry will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits from automation in the near future. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of staffing automation:

1- Better Productivity:

The main purpose of automation isn't to reduce jobs; it's to make processes more efficient. Staffing automation has the potential to make recruitment and hiring more efficient. People in the staffing industry can enjoy better productivity and drive more results using automation.

Better productivity means that staffing experts have more room for growth. This, in turn, can improve the overall quality of people working in this industry. Better productivity also means that automation can level the playing field for all businesses. Most importantly, staffing automation can enable small and medium-sized companies to operate in a capacity that is comparable to larger businesses.

2- Reduction of Redundant Tasks

Every job has a combination of boring and fun tasks. This holds true for the staffing industry as well. One major benefit of staffing automation is that AI can take care of all redundant tasks. By taking care of redundant tasks, automation can allow staffing experts to focus on the core tasks of their jobs. Most importantly, staffing automation can enrich existing jobs in the coming future. It means staffing experts can expect to see an increase in better-paying job opportunities.

3- New Job Opportunities

Based on trends from other industries that have embraced automation, we can expect to see new job opportunities in the recruitment industry. Based on industry trends, we know that less than 10% of jobs can be fully automated. This means that very few people actually have to worry about being replaced by robots.

Having said that, even if someone does stand to be replaced, they can always explore new job opportunities that will come with staffing automation. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for the future of staffing automation is to upgrade your skills. You can find a number of courses online for skill development and enhancement.

4- Effective & Automated Recruitment Process

Staffing automation has the potential to overhaul the entire recruitment processing. Automating steps such as filtering candidates, setting up interviews, and skill assessments can help save time and effort. It can enhance pretty much every aspect of the entire recruitment and hiring process.

Furthermore, staffing automation utilizes AI-powered tools that can sift through resumes and weed out unqualified candidates. This can enable recruiting personnel to spend precious time engaging with the right candidates. This makes the recruiter's job easier and also increases the chances of hiring the ideal candidate for your company. Simply put, staffing automation can help recruiters work smarter instead of harder.

5- Enhanced Collaboration

When hiring new resources, there's a lot of cross-departmental communication. Departments such as HR, Accounts, IT, and the department(s) for which resources are being hired have to work together in order to find and onboard the right person. Inter-departmental communication can quickly turn into a mess in a traditional workspace. Fortunately, staffing automation can streamline communication channels and standardize data sharing.

People from different departments can follow each candidate's journey through their hiring process. Data such as this can provide concerned people with a detailed picture of what potential candidates have to offer. This, in turn, can increase the chances of recruiters hiring the right people for the right job.

6- Central Reporting & Rich Data Collection

One of the best things about staffing automation is how it centralizes everything. Staffing automation collects data from every aspect of a company’s hiring process. This data can be analyzed to gain valuable insight on how to further streamline a company’s staffing process. Moreover, staffing automation solutions help with data collection, making the process of staffing better for everyone.

Along with making the staffing process more efficient, automation can also provide recruiters with powerful reporting tools. These tools can be used to produce rich reports and analyses that can be shared with people in the company. The success of a business in this digital era relies a lot on data collection and analysis. This is why automation tools are being adopted by companies at such a rapid pace.

7- Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency, And Boost Revenue

Every advantage of staffing automation boils down to one thing in the end: better efficiency. By introducing automation, a business can reduce the number of resources being spent on repetitive tasks. This not only eliminates any redundancies and bottlenecks in existing processes but also saves a lot of time.

Most importantly, staffing automation allows you to free up valuable resources that can be redirected to more vital aspects of the staffing process. By working smarter, staffing automation enables companies to spend resources with greater efficiency. Better resource efficiency means we get to reduce costs.

Apart from saving costs, efficiency also increases the chances of producing better outcomes. A streamlined, efficient, and calculated staffing process will maximize the chances of companies hiring the right candidates for every vacancy. Ultimately, the right talent will help companies grow faster and boost their revenue.

Future Of Staffing Automation:

We’ve already established that the future of staffing automation isn’t as bleak as some people say it is. If we look at it realistically, humans cannot be replaced by robots, especially in industries where an element of human interaction is important. What we can expect is to be working side-by-side with robots in the future. Robots will take care of redundant and repetitive tasks, while we humans can focus on more important aspects of our job role.

However, in order to make the most out of the future of staffing automation, we should all take certain steps to prepare ourselves. Staffing automation is not only going to affect the employers, HR, and recruitment departments, it's also going to change the landscape for employees and applicants. Let's take a look at the future of staffing automation from the perspective of both employers and employees!

Future of Staffing Automation for Employers

Employers in the staffing and recruitment industry should begin thinking about how automation will mold their workplaces in the future. You can expect to see human talent integrating with all kinds of technology. This will shape the way your employees work. You can expect the nature of your work to change as well due to recruitment process automation.

Employers should brace themselves for change. The best way to do this is to invest money in existing human talent. Appropriate skill development at the right time will help employers face lesser disruption in the future.

Future of Staffing Automation for Employees

For employees, staffing automation will introduce a mix of pros and cons. The biggest pro is that job quality will improve, and new job opportunities will be created as well. The drawback of this will be that workers will have to focus on skill enhancement. Simply put, workers that won't be willing to update their skillsets will have a higher chance of becoming redundant.

For the past decade, skill enhancement has become very important for workers. This is primarily due to the fact that technology has made all industries incredibly dynamic. Having said that, workers can expect to see new job roles for managing automated systems. People with technical skills can find a lot of value for themselves in the staffing automation industry.

How Can We Help?

The future of staffing automation is going to bring a lot of changes. Most of these changes are going to be good for everyone. Whether you're an employer or an employee in the staffing industry, you should make an effort to embrace automation. Preparation will help you embrace this change more effectively and come out ahead of your competition.

If you’re interested in exploring staffing automation and reaping its benefits, we, at IIInigence, can help you out. We have a highly experienced team of business automation experts who can help you automate all aspects of your business, including staffing and recruitment automation. What's more, our experts can help you better understand this technology and train your employees to utilize staffing automation the right way. Book a free consultation session with us to see how we can revolutionize your business experience.