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End To End Encryption: What Is It, How Does It Work, And, When To Use It?

The recent change of privacy policy by WhatsApp shook the world. It made us more careful about the privacy and protection of our personal information and data. As a result, we are learning about data protection and ways to keep ourselves safe in this cyber world. Our struggle to learn more about privacy has brought us to today’s topic - End to End Encryption. After all, WhatsApp also uses end to end encryption.

So, have you ever wondered what is end to end encryption? What is the actual meaning of this term, and why is it gaining so much popularity? Well, in simple terms, end to end encryption is a powerful encrypting mechanism that keeps your communication safe. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about end-to-end encryption. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it.

What is End To End Encryption?

First things first, let’s understand what end to end encryption actually is. But, before we start explaining end to end encryption, let us focus on the concept of encryption. Basically, encryption is a method that turns data into a form that becomes unreadable for others. End to end, as the name suggests, means from one point of communication to the other.

So, end to end encryption is a technology that encrypts messages shared between two devices or communication points. It is done in such a way that only the device that receives the message can decrypt it.

Now, you must be wondering how does it work, right? Well, the process is fairly simple. The message makes its way from the sender to the receiver in a special encrypted format. This format is uninterruptible and unreadable by any 3rd party, including the company that is offering communication services. The message or data is then deciphered automatically at the receiver’s end.

So basically, end to end encryption (E2EE) ensures the security and integrity of communication between 2 devices. E2EE has enhanced the security of personal data and sensitive information, allowing users to communicate without fear of hackers. Now that you have grasped the basic concept of end to end encryption, let's get into the technical side of things.

How Does End To End Encryption Work?

Basically, E2EE uses cryptographic keys to secure your messages in such a way that they can only be deciphered by the receiver. Now, there are 2 kinds of cryptographic keys: public key & private key.

The public key can be shared with anyone who wants encrypted communication with you. Meanwhile, the private key is a secret key that decrypts the messages sent to you. It’s like a locked mailbox. Anybody can put something into your box with the public key, but only you can unlock it using your private key. The concept of the public and private key can be a little hard to digest for laymen. So, let's try to break it down using an illustration.

As you can see in the illustration, there are 2 people, Sam and Mira, who want to communicate using E2EE. Sam wants to send a message "Hello Mira!" to Mira in the E2EE environment. So, Sam uses Mira’s public key to encrypt the message. This turns Sam's message "Hello Mira!” into unreadable random characters – something like “eXP3jH+7giCt".

Finally, Sam sends this message to Mira. Now, the message passes through several servers and ISPs over the internet before reaching Mira. These servers and internet service providers may try to read the message, but they wouldn't be able to understand it. Like honestly, how would they know what does “eXP3jH+7giCt” mean.

Sam’s message was encrypted using Mira’s Public key. Therefore, only Mira can decrypt it using her Private key. Once the message lands in Mira's inbox, it automatically decrypts, and she can see the “Hello Mira!” message sent by Sam. If Mira wants to reply to Sam, she would have to go through the process. This way, the communication between Sam and Mira remains secure, and nobody, other than these 2, can peek into their conversation.

Can End to end encryption be hacked?

Right now, end-to-end encryption is the most secure way of data transfer and communication. But let’s talk facts. So, can end to end encryption be decrypted? Well, yes .... in 6.4 quadrillion years! Haha. That is the estimated time classical computers would require to decrypt your data.

Having said that, technology is improving, and so should we. At any given time, your business needs to reevaluate its data security situation. For this purpose, it is crucial to stay ahead in the game by deploying the best end-to-endend-to-end encryption services available. Hunting for the solution already? Don't worry; we have a recommendation for you at the end.

Is End To End Encryption Effective?

End-to-end encryption is like the heart of data security. That’s precisely why 66% of German and US-based enterprises are employing an enterprise-wide encryption strategy since 2019. So yes, end-to-end encryption is effective.

In fact, there are numerous advantages of end-to-end encryption. For instance, it protects your data against theft or hacking. Even if a person succeeds in entering your system and stealing the data, he/she cannot possibly decipher it. Besides, E2EE brings you control over who is authorized to read your messages and files.

When To Use End To End Encryption?

Now you may be wondering about when to use end-to-end encryption, right? We’d say throughout all conversations! But let’s discuss some of the scenarios where E2EE offers you the best results:

  1. Messaging Applications: Instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp help you stay connected with loved ones and share personal information. Similarly, several businesses have integrated live chat functionality on their websites, web applications, and mobile apps to communicate with their customers. All the communication over the internet is prone to hacking. So, it’s important to use end-to-endhigh level encryption in your communication channels to ensure privacy and data security.

  2. Cloud Service: Businesses work with sensitive data all the time - and now, it's all over the cloud. So, it’s important to use end-to-end encryption on the cloud. This technology secures all your data on the cloud with the highest grade of privacy.

  3. Online Payment Systems: The entire online payment system is a prime target for cybercriminals. End-to-end encryption comes in handy here. With E2EE, online transactions are carried out with high-level of integrity.

To this day, encryptions remain the most vital data security mechanism for individuals as well as businesses. The reason is simple; the ciphertext is not decryptable without a corresponding key. So, even if your data is hacked, it remains unreadable for unauthorized users.

Which Is The Best Development Company In USA To Implement End To End Encryption?

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Final Thoughts:

In today's world, protecting your business data has become crucial. While the internet brings great benefits, the data shared on it is prone to piracy and hacking. So, you need to take proper safety measures for the protection of data like end-to-end encryption.

Looking for an E2EE service provider to secure your corporate data? Worry no more! Here at Iiinigence, we know how to set up end-to-endend-to-end encryption so that it becomes inaccessible for hackers and third parties. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let us build a protective shell around you.