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At IIInigence, we value excellence and innovation. We believe in the power of technology in making this world a better place. This is the reason why we have tenured a diverse team of innovators and industry experts from all over the world. Our team draws on broad industry experience, innovative thinking, and network to bring the most powerful outcomes for our clients.

Leadership, growth-oriented mindset, and respect are the core values that we uphold while working as a team among ourselves and our clients. The only way to create amazing things is by working with amazing people that truly enjoy what they do. So, here at IIInigence, we make sure to hire the best talents.

Our team consists of the leading players in the industry jotting their heads together to build, create, and win the game of digital innovation. We like to challenge ourselves with the industry standards in an effort to achieve bigger and better. Our team members not only have sufficient market knowledge but are also well-versed in the latest technology trends.

In short, their qualification, experience, and passion combine to create a super-team that brings super-solutions to the table. It’s the magic of our experts that enables IIInigence to stand proud as the best software development company in the USA. We have our past clients, such as HomeWav, ClassEquity, AppHippo, StyleMe, myVenueLive GoldGate, StakeKings, and Tantra Labs, to prove it.

You can count on our team of experts, innovators, thinkers, and explorers to bring you the top league solutions for your company. If you think we can help you or your organization with enterprise automation solutions and integration, blockchain management, progressive web, mobile, and desktop development, then we’d love to hear from you.

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“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ~ Phil Jackson

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Team Member - Jude Lee - Founder/CEO

Jude Lee


Team Member - Angel Castro - Creative Director

Angel Castro

Creative Director

Team Member - Muhammad Tamoor - Content Creation And Marketing Director

Muhammad Tamoor

Director Content Creation & Marketing

Team Member - Eleas Hazari - Front-End Designer And Developer

Eleas Hazari

Front-End Designer and Developer

Team Member - Jitin Bhatt - SEO Expert

Jitin Bhatt

Internet Marketing | Search Engine Optimization Expert

Team Member - Thao Phuong Vo - Accounting Manager

Thao Phuong Vo

Accounting Manager

Team Member - Marie Agami - Administrator

Marie Agami


Team Member - Kamlesh Panchal - Senior Software / Embedded Systems Engineer

Kamlesh Panchal

Senior Software / Embedded Systems Engineer

Team Member - Lyubomyr Matvienko - Senior Software Engineer

Lyubomyr Matvienko

Senior Software Engineer

Team Member - Arsalan Ali - Software Engineer

Arsalan Ali

Software Engineer

Team Member - Ahmad Saeed - Software Engineer

Ahmad Saeed

Software Engineer

Team Member - Pradhuman Shekhawat - DevOps Engineer

Pradhuman Shekhawat

DevOps Engineer