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Cross Platform And Native Mobile App Development

Get 10x Reach With Our Cross Platform And Native Mobile App Development Services!

Do you believe mobile applications are a luxury owned by corporations and big brands only?

Sorry, you’re totally mistaken. Today, more and more businesses are realizing the fact that mobile applications are the best way to stay connected to your customers while enhancing their user experience. It’s also the best marketing strategy for your business to promote the core essence of your business and to stay abreast of your customers for every next update.

So, every mid-size or even small business can gain long-lasting benefits out of cross-platform or native mobile app development. In fact, it's the best next thing for small businesses to hold the momentum.

Just in the past 12 months, the mobile users grew by 93 million worldwide, and the ratio is increasing at an even higher pace. Just take a good look around yourself; we are more dependent on our smartphones than ever. In fact, a recent survey shows that people spend almost 4 to 5 hours on their mobile phones on a daily basis, and that too excluding the work-related usage.

Many businesses are using this to their advantage by targeting people where they spend most of their time. You can do it as well by developing a mobile application for your business.

After all, you won't want to lose this significant audience, right?

For this purpose, you need to hire an experienced and reliable mobile application development agency. That’s where we come in. Here at IIInigence, we stand proud as the best cross platform as well as native mobile app development company in the USA. You can rely on us to get an interactive and attractive mobile app perfectly suited for your business needs. We offer effective and budget-friendly mobile applications in a reasonable time.

What Do We Offer?

Here at IIInigence, we offer the best cross platform and native mobile application development services in the USA. Our mobile developers have mastered the art of connecting your business to your customers using a wide range of mobile devices. Whether you need a native mobile app offering maximum security, integrity, and smoothness or a cross platform mobile application that runs perfectly on all major operating systems, including Android and iOS, we can cater to all your needs in an efficient way.

All our mobile apps feature innovative, interactive, minimalistic, and futuristic designs offering the best possible user experience. We are a blend of expert developers who develop a wide range of mobile applications using the most integrative and reliable platforms and programming languages. Our services include:

Android / Kotlin

Android is one of the lead players in the mobile application world, and many businesses rely on it. That's what pushes us to develop native android apps that not only help you compete in the ever-evolving digital market but also rule over the Google Play Store and enhance your app visibility.

We help you grow and take your business to the next level with our client-centric and result-oriented approach. All our android applications feature modern, minimalistic, and interactive designs on top of offering enhanced user engagement and experience. We offer top-notch native android app development services using innovative and featured pack programming languages like Kotlin.

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iOS / Swift

IOS is one of the largest platforms, and iPhone applications are one of the most influential and powerful business promoters. It's not wise to ignore such a huge audience. Therefore, we offer iOS app development services using the latest programming languages like Swift to help you take advantage of this platform for vast growth.

Here at IIInigence, we stand proud as the best iOS app development company in the USA by developing innovative and efficient IOS Applications that help your business grow and increase its user engagement. Our experienced Swift developers write easy, reusable, and concise code to develop iOS apps that are feature-rich and work seamlessly across all Apple devices on top of offering an exquisite user interface.

Most importantly, our services are not limited to the development process only. Our professional development team will assist you through the whole process right from conceiving your idea to launch on the App Store. What’s more, we keep you in the loop throughout the development process to give you the most customized solution according to your needs.

React native

React Native is an excellent framework for Android and iOS Cross Platform Development. Investing in multiplatform mobile app development with React Native provides you with a unique opportunity to use the same code for app development on both Android and IOS Interfaces.

This reduces your development time, cost, and effort significantly and leaves you with an app that is functionally powerful and offers an optimized user experience. Here at IIInigence, we stand proud as the best React Native app development company by offering stable, secure, and reliable cross platform mobile apps.

We have the best React Native developers who are not only experienced but also equipped with the latest market knowledge. Our expert developers provide you with end-to-end services starting from design and development to testing and launching your mobile application. Most importantly, we ensure the highest performance and usability in our mobile apps.

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Xamarin is a flexible, versatile, and one of the best cross-platform app development platforms out there, and it solves many dilemmas that the other programming languages might miss. We use its great user interface and powerful controls to create cross platforms and native mobile apps for you that are secure and highly efficient.

We have the best Xamarin Developers from all over the world who strive to give you the most interactive mobile apps featuring minimalistic and modern designs offering the most intuitive, reliable, and seamless user experiences across all platforms at all times. Our Xamarin developers guarantee to provide you with a mobile app that has the least number of bugs and enhanced performance.

We have strict testing protocols and focus on delivering the most functional and reliable cross platform mobile apps. Most importantly, we help you monitor and keep a record of crashes and exceptions and use these insights to improve your app’s user experience.

Our Focus

Every company has its own unique vision that pushes them to work efficiently. Our vision is your Growth! We help companies to flourish with our customized Cross platform as well as native mobile app development services.

We focus on developing custom Cross platform and native mobile applications that meet all the requirements of a business. Moreover, we strive to offer the best possible user experience with a minimalistic, engaging, and futuristic design.

Here at IIInigence, we leverage the latest technology to offer you cost-effective solutions that won’t become obsolete in the near future. Most importantly, we have strict quality assurance protocols that allow us to deliver our projects with minimum errors, high availability, and maximum performance.

Our first and foremost priority is to ensure ease, satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness to our clients. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and always offer services that are well above the industry standards. That's precisely why all our clients have nothing but praise and appreciation for our cross-platform desktop app development services.

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How do we work?

We, as a software development company, believe in the Agile Manifesto. The agile development process is the most client-centric approach, and that’s precisely why we use it. It’s because our clients are precious to us, and we strive to keep them satisfied by keeping them on board throughout the development process.

We follow the agile development methodology as it allows us to offer superior cross platform and native mobile app development services resulting in maximum satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, it offers us better control and enhanced flexibility in terms of development which ultimately results in better outcomes. Most importantly, the agile development process allows us to easily add new features in our cross-platform mobile apps with the passage of time.

We own every project and work with a dedicated team following a step-by-step strategy to exceed your expectations and outperform your competition. Once we are done, you will have an up-to-date Cross platform or Native mobile app to meet your business needs. It’ll be working like a well-oiled productive machine. Here is how we work:



Requirement Gathering

In the very first step, we discuss the project with our client in detail and pin down all the requirements. We focus on each requirement to understand the business problems. Furthermore, we discuss the budget and set a realistic time frame to deliver them a customized solution.

Business Analysis

The next step is the research part, where we analyze the specific needs of the business, their competition, and target audience. We also consider all the core values and problematic areas of a business and leverage the latest technology to sort a solution with our expertise.



Design & Development

Finally, we start working on our action plan to design and develop a custom solution for our client's needs. We leverage the latest tools and utilize the best methodologies to work on our plans. Our developers are detail-oriented, and our quality assurance team helps us develop cross-platform mobile apps to the utmost perfection. This is the reason we are the best mobile app development company in the USA.

Devise an actionable strategy

Here comes the most significant part, where we prepare a detailed plan to tackle your problems. We prepare multiple unique strategies and help our clients choose the best possible option. Finally, we devise an action plan to offer you a customized solution tailor-made for your business needs.




Once our clients are more than happy with our work, we deliver our cross-platform mobile application with all its perfection and smooth operations. We transfer all the credentials, rights, and ownership to our clients.

Feedback & Revision

Before delivering our mobile applications, we always share the final outcome with our clients. This is how we get their feedback on our work which helps us future enhance our applications. We revise our work to the satisfaction of our clients, which helps us win long-lasting relationships with our clients.



It’s not just about delivering the final product; we offer 30-days support as well. During this window, we tackle all the issues that arise in the migration of our solutions into our client’s environment. In fact, in the case of complex programs, we train their staff as well.

Why are we the best

Here at IIInigence, we stand head and shoulders above all mobile application development companies in the USA. We offer the best cross platform as well as native mobile applications that cater to all your business needs efficiently. Our exceptionally talented and experienced team of developers strives to offer maximum engagement with your potential users on any platform and device.

We are well aware of the latest market requirements and design strategies and incorporate our innovation into our apps to create the right solutions for you. We offer the best cross platform mobile apps allowing you to serve the same user experience across all platforms while saving developmental time and cost. Similarly, we offer the most interactive native mobile apps with a self-explanatory user interface on top of maximum security and integration.

Most importantly, we have a futuristic approach. We understand the importance of updating mobile apps to meet the challenges with the evolution of technology and user needs. Therefore, our developers write clean code using WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), which allows us to integrate future updates easily.

Here at IIInigence, we develop excellently performing cross-channel applications that offer optimal engagements and ultimate conversion across all devices, platforms, audiences, and industries. Our development models have been tested and trusted across the USA!

We have helped several businesses expand their reach with our mobile app development services. We have proven experience, and our testimonials and recent projects clearly narrate the story of our excellence. So, contact us today and grab the opportunity to dive into the world of digitization with an interactive mobile application and a solid marketing strategy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cross platform mobile application development?

Cross-platform application development is about building a single application that can run on various operating systems instead of developing individual apps for each platform. It allows you to build apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a single code. This means that by reusing the code, you cut down on your costs, maintenance & upgradation time, and hassle exponentially.

What is native mobile application development?

Native mobile app Development involves building apps solely to run on a single operating system. Native applications use a specific programming language for a particular operating system and cannot be reused or repurposed to run on other platforms. Native applications are known to be more responsive, quicker, and offer a greater user experience since they are written in languages specific to that system.

Which cross platform is best for mobile development?

React Native is one of the top choices among the developers because it is faster and an open-source framework. It enables them to reuse the code on top of offering ease in the integration of modules from all major languages such as C++, Java, Swift, Objective, and Python. Xamarin is a close second with its fast and high-performance apps.

However, choosing the right platform depends on a lot of factors, such as the size of the enterprise and the solutions required, along with security protocols. Without taking these factors into consideration, it is impossible to say which cross platform framework is the best for your mobile app development.

Here at IIInigence, we can help you choose the right framework depending on your requirements. Our company has a team of professional developers with expertise in all major cross platform frameworks and programming languages, allowing us to develop a mobile app that fits your needs.

What are the different types of cross platform mobile development tools?

There are quite a few frameworks and tools available for the Cross Platform App Development.

  • React Native is one of the most used choices amongst developers because of its ability to support all major languages such as C++, Java, Swift, Objective, and Python.
  • Ionic has a library of mobile-optimized reusable UI components and tools to develop highly interactive and intuitive apps in less time, which earns it a top place.
  • Backed by Microsoft, Xamarin is the 5th most popular tool for creating high-performance cross-platform applications. It supports C# codebase and is suited for .net developers.
  • Flutter is one of the advanced levels of UI kit launched by Google. It is an ideal tool to develop high-performance web apps with its fast code-writing ability and execution features.

Choosing the right framework or programming language heavily depends on your business needs. Here at IIInigence, we can help you choose the right tools and development strategies to build a high-performance app suitable for your needs.

What does native app mean in programming?

As the native word suggests, a native application is a software program that is developed for use on a particular platform or device. Native apps are installed directly onto the device itself, and users can only access them through their respective app stores (such as the App Store or Google Play).

Which is the best platform to develop Android apps?

Kotlin is a new programming language that is rising rapidly. With its modern features and newer, more concise, and feature-packed app designs, it has become a top contender for android app development. React Native and Xamarin are few other top frameworks used for android app development, closely followed by ionic and flutter.

The usefulness or effectiveness of a particular language differs from one app to another. Therefore, choosing the best platform depends on your needs (the functions and security you require) and resources (budget and time). Here at IIInigence, we can help you choose the right framework depending on your requirements. Our company has a team of professional Android and iOS developers with expertise in all major frameworks and programming languages, allowing us to develop native mobile apps that fit your needs.

What’s the cost of developing a Cross Platform Mobile Application?

The cost of a cross platform mobile application varies according to the design, the complexity of your app, features required, and development time needed. On average, it can cost around $40,000-$600,000 to develop a cross platform mobile app with the basic features and interface, but the bright side is that this single app can be launched on both Android and Apple platforms simultaneously.

If you need a functional and interactive cross platform mobile application, all you need to do is contact us and let us know your requirements, and we will get back to you with a realistic quote.

What’s the cost of developing a Native Mobile Application?

The cost of developing a native mobile application depends upon the features, security protocols, as well as the architecture and design you choose for your app. The cost of the native apps is a bit on the higher side in comparison to the cross platform mobile applications. On average, a native mobile app can cost you around $70,000-$100,000 with medium complexity and features. The flip side here is that if you want to build an app for both iPhone and Android, then you will need to bear the cost for two separate native apps.

Here at IIInigene, we stand proud as the best native mobile application development company in the USA by developing the most functional and interactive mobile apps. We can help you develop a native mobile app with a pleasing design and minimalistic interface on top of offering first-class security. All you need to do is contact us and share your requirements, and we will get back to you with a realistic quote and estimated time to develop your mobile app.

What are the advantages of native apps?

Since native apps are native to a particular platform, they work faster and can work offline. Moreover, they offer better security and performance with fewer bugs and glitches. Typically, native mobile apps offer a more interactive and intuitive interface. Furthermore, as they are specially designed for a particular device, they have full access to all the features that are present on the device, such as its camera, contact list, GPS, and Bluetooth.

Is Native better than cross-platform?

Native apps development relies on tools and programming languages designed specifically to operate on one platform and is not compatible with other systems. Normally, native mobile apps perform faster and have full access to the device's features. However, the cost of developing a native mobile application is usually high, especially if you need separate native apps for different platforms.

Meanwhile, a cross platform mobile app runs across multiple operating systems. It is a cost-effective and resource-efficient option with faster development. However, it has limited access to the device’s capabilities and comes with limited functionalities. Most importantly, cross platform apps offer less performance and security in comparison to native mobile applications.

Both native and cross platform mobile apps have their own set of advantages and setbacks. This is why the choice is mostly preference-based and depends on your project and its requirements. Whichever your choice is, we have developers who can develop both native and cross platform apps at a reasonable price.

Is Python good for mobile app development?

Yes, Python is one of the most reliable programming languages out there. The majority of mobile app developers use it as its easy-to-implement and offers a clean structure. Most importantly, Python can support almost all major operating systems. Therefore, it is widely used to create mobile applications for both Android and IOS.

Our developers are well versed with this programming language and can create secure, scalable, and feature-packed mobile applications using the Python language. So, contact us today if you need a mobile app developed in Python.

Do developers prefer Android or iPhone?

There is no doubt that Android dominates the apps market with a higher number of apps downloaded, while IOS tops the charts with higher revenue. The choice here really is about preferences. If your target is to achieve maximum flexibility, complete customizations, and a large audience, then you should opt for Android. On the other hand, if your main objective is to build a highly functional and responsive mobile app with fast development speed and a high return on investment, then iOS is the right option.

Our team of developers has the skill set to ace the development of both Android and IOS. Whichever platform you choose, we deliver the app with the highest compatibility and integrity. So, if you need a mobile app for your business, contact us today, and let's expand your reach.

What Do You Need to Consider Before Hiring A Native Mobile Application Development Agency?

As you delve into the process of hiring a native mobile application development agency, you should keep in mind the criteria your app needs to be based on, your budget, and the operating system you are planning to host your app on.

Once you have your answers, you can find a highly experienced agency that has carried out a project similar to yours and hire them. We have vast experience in creating successful native mobile apps having a unique set of functions and features. Contact us today, and let’s build your native mobile app to elevate your business.

What Do You Need to Consider Before Hiring A Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Agency?

First of all, you need to pin down your requirements, select an operating system, and set the budget for the development. Then you need to find a mobile app development company that is well versed in the cross-platform app development process and has a deep understanding of the guidelines for each of the platforms. Your main focus should be to hire a cross platform mobile application development agency that really understands your project and have the required expertise to build a successful app.

Here at IIInigence, we stand proud as the best cross platform mobile app development company in the USA. Our company has an extensive portfolio and array of successful projects to back our claims when we say that we are the top players in this field. Whether you need a mobile app for Android or iOS, or you plan to use it on both platforms, either way, we have the expertise to breathe life into your mobile apps.

Which Is The Best Native Mobile Application Development Company in the USA?

Here at IIInigence, we stand proud as the best native mobile app development company in the USA by offering services that are well above the industry standards. We have a team of the most innovative and experienced developers who are highly skilled at creating native apps with high-performance, quality, and innovative features customized specifically for your requirements and your chosen platform. Contact us today, and let us help you build a native app that stands out!

Which Is The Best Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Company in the USA?

Here at IIInigence, we stand proud as the best cross platform mobile app development company in the USA by offering services that are well above the industry standards. We will provide you with an app that does not just focus on coding but also has a functional design and is optimized for a great user experience. You will face no issues whatsoever while utilizing our code for multiple platforms. We have a futuristic approach and offer the most practical and innovative cross platform mobile apps that are not only functional but also interactive.